Associate Degree Objectives Associate Degree Overview
Race shops can offer you an exciting career in the fast-paced world of motorsports, but what do you have to offer them in return? Here at SAM, we know exactly what race shops are looking for in employees because we started out as a performance engine builder. We started out as Northwest Engine Supply, building powerful race engines for serious racers around the globe.
We spent months teaching employees the art of engine building only to watch them leave to start up their own shops. Realizing that we had also become a training facility, we decided to teach the art of engine building, and the School of Automotive Machinists was born in 1985. The initial two courses received state approval in 1989. Our ability to think and teach as engine builders allows us to provide students with a universal set of skills that appeals to all race shops. It is our background as an engine builder that enables us to design a comprehensive curriculum that gives students the tools they need to succeed. With instructors that have decades of hands-on experience in the racing industry, we know what it takes to make it. That's what separates us from the competition, and that's how SAM can offer you the most practical Vo-Tech program available.