Welcome to the School of Automotive Machinists

If you have ever dreamed about working for a top race shop or building engines for a living, you have come to the right place. As the most respected name in motorsports education, SAM can give you the formal training you need to jump start your career. Our graduates help power the top teams in NASCAR, NHRA, IRL, and CART to victory every race weekend.

Our list of employers is second to none, and we can help you live your dream!

What sets us apart is our unique curriculum that is dedicated to building race engines. With courses that cover engine block machining, short-block assembly, and cylinder head porting, we can teach you how to extract maximum horsepower for all types of applications. By combining lessons in the classroom with practical hands-on experience in the lab, on the dyno and at the track, we offer the most comprehensive education around. It is no surprise that top race engine shops in the country call us looking for graduates.