Graduate Employers

“People that we have employed that had schooling at SAM Tech come in the door with machining knowledge and the passion it takes to work in the custom race engine business.”
Ed Michael, Vice President, Sterling Performance Racing Engines

“SAM Tech grads can go to work in a race engine shop without having to be trained in what’s going on and can move up quickly and become good all over the shop. SAM Tech grads seem to have the passion needed. Many have come and left to advance career positions with a base that has allowed them to grow in ideas, knowledge, and capabilities. We can’t fault a man for that.”
Ed Potter, Sales/Technical Assistant, Lingenfelter Performance

“One of our prime sources for hiring personnel is through the School of Automotive Machinists & Technology. We have hired a number of grads and have found them more prepared to serve the Performance Industry compared to individuals from competitive schools. I would highly recommend any individual looking for a path to the Performance Industry to attend SAM Tech.”
Warren Frieze, Vice President/General Mgr., Katech Inc.


“Passion, dedication and a SAM Tech education helped me live my dream of working with a top team”
Joe Concato, SAM Tech Graduate, Hendrick Motorsports

“Twelve years ago I made one of the best choices of my life by choosing to attend the School of Automotive Machinists & Technology. For almost a decade now I have worked with Jack Roush and Doug Yates. I am very thankful to SAM Tech for the education and the training I received. It gave me the advantage I needed!”
Scott McCormick, SAM Tech Graduate, Roush-Yates Racing Engines

“SAM Tech is hardcore…a place where you learn theory and technique that can be used in real world applications. The School has given me an opportunity to be accepted as part of a professional racing team.”
Dan Cordier, SAM Tech Graduate, Dart Machinery

“I feel that with SAM Tech I am so far ahead in knowledge on how it all works and the theory behind it.”
Brian Johnson, SAM Tech Graduate, Gaerte Engines


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