99 Chevy Camaro SS

After last year’s undefeated season in the LSX challenge series ERL All Motor class, Team SAM tested the ‘99 Camaro at their home track, Royal Purple Raceway. They bested their quickest and fastest pass by a tremendous amount, going 8.12 at 170 mph! Unfortunately, the engine exceeded the limits of one or more of its components. It broke a connecting rod, consequently destroying the shortblock. Luckily, the cylinder heads were ok and students and instructors started planning a new combination.

The major change was to upgrade to a stronger crankshaft and connecting rod package. Some minor cylinder head and manifold work was done but overall remained the same. The engine came together with no time to test and the team headed for Bradenton for the season opener. It was there, that Team SAM, lead by the driver, Judson Massingill, continued their winning streak. Even struggling with the clutch, they came home victorious. In Atlanta, the ’99 Camaro qualified #1, but had more clutch problems. After 7 consecutive wins in the LSX series, the ’99 Camaro went home without the trophy this time.

Look for Team SAM and the ’99 Camaro at the Holley Fest in Bowling Green and the LSX Shootout in Indianapolis.